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AltInvest Partners

ALTINVEST PARTNERS and its investors acquire various kinds of properties from large land tracts - well positioned for development and held for sale - to income producing properties. We utilize equity rather than debt, in the case of land purchases. Investors fund their participation through an innovative process employing funds from their Self Directed IRA, 401(k) or cash resources.  These investments are for mid-term holding periods - generally no longer than 4 to 6 years - and have limited liquidity during the holding period.

Why Choose AltInvest?

  • A filed Private Placement Memorandum governs each acquisition. 
  • US filing and state filing in every state where our investors reside.
  • ALTINVEST PARTNERS LLC receives no up-front fees or commissions relating to the acquisition.     
  • We invest along with our equity partners.   
  • Our equity partners receive a full return of their investment plus a preferred return before ALTINVEST PARTNERS shares in profits.  Learn more
  • Our innovative funding approach provides our investors an opportunity to participate in large acquisitions with a relatively small investment using any fully self-directed retirement account or cash.  Learn more
  • Our funding mechanism gives us the option to hold the acquisition during uncertain times.  That flexibility means we are able to target the most opportune time to liquidate the investment, within the designated initial period.
  • However, acceptable exit strategies are an important and integral part of each LLC plan; and, each is tailored to that specific investment.
  • Our current interest is focused on acquiring large tracts of mountain land in close proximity to Asheville, North Carolina. The area offers relatively mild winters, cooler summers, and a high quality of life near Asheville’s exciting urban scene - plus varied and extensive outdoor opportunities.

We directly manage, report, account for and provide continuous involvement throughout the holding period, until liquidated.  We deal with the sureness of tangible assets and we consider this a craft, not a job, dealing with individuals who think for themselves and want to know and understand the underlying value of their investment.

Our diverse team of seasoned professionals seeks out exceptional properties that offer the potential for substantial returns.  In selecting each property, we diligently strive to pick the finest in all respects.  Since we don’t profit until you make the designated preferred return for that offering, you can be assured that we take this very seriously.