AltInvest Partners Mission Statement

We believe strongly in the intrinsic value of real estate. Our objective is to bring together investors who share our belief that well located real estate offers the potential for substantial mid-to-long term gain, each property acquired with equity rather than debt, providing the fund with the flexibility to time the divesting process (exit strategy), as well as a secured investment.

We will work with individual investors and guide them in funding their participation either from their Self Directed IRA, Rollover 401(k), small-group 401K accounts or accounts that simply employ cash.

We will not charge up-front fees nor receive commissions on of any acquisition.  All operating costs will be fully budgeted and disclosed to every investor in each transaction.   We will participate, along with our investor partners, in each acquisition - and we will always subordinate to their preferred return in every investment.  We will not profit until the investors in each property receive full return of their invested capital plus the Preferred Return they are entitled to from the sale of that property.

We will remain small, selective, personal and responsive with our limited number of qualified investor participants.  Our first duty is to them, consistent with ecologically responsible standards and diligent caretaking of the secured investment.

We take the front-end risks and the back end risks.   Therefore, we must wisely choose the real estate we expect to invest in.

We believe in true Alternative Investing for diversification, as a hedge against inflation and for the security of select real estate ownership for planning and wealth preservation.

For Investors